Parish Council Minutes, 21st July 2009

A meting of the EATHORPE, HUNNINGHAM, OFFCHURCH AND W APPENBURY JOINT PARISH COUNCIL, held on Tuesday 21st July 2009, at Hunningham at 7.30pm


Councillor A. Phillips, Chairman, Councillors Mrs. Green, W. Redford, J. Hammon, D. Varnish, R. Sargent and D. Crisford., and County Councillor M. Doody.


Received from Councillors, Mrs. J. Medwell, Mrs. R. Commander, Mrs. C. Foyer, Mrs. J. Hedderwick and District Councillor N. Pratt.

2 DECLARATION OF INTERESTS                                     None.


Having been circulated beforehand, the minutes were taken as read, agreed, and signed by the chairman.


Hunningham bridge is in course of being repaired, having been damaged a second time, whilst being repaired.

The trees in Village Street Offchurch have now been trimmed.


090360:Holly Cottage, Offchurch                        Repairs             Granted

090242:Offchurch Cricket Club                           Pavilion             do

090243:Snowford Farm Cottage                          Conversion        Refused

090264:Land at Welsh Rd, Offchurch                  Storage             do

090361:Holly Cottage, Offchurch                        Extension          Granted

090500:Offa House, Offchurch                           Shed                 No Objn.

090750:Hill Top: Wappenbury                             Garage             Withdrawn

Snowford Farm Cottage was further discussed. All were dissatisfied with the decision, and it was agreed that the chairman would speak to planning.


We are advised that Mr. Tom Mannion, of County Highways, is now responsible for our area.

Councillor Sargent raised the matter of articulated lorries, realizing their error in coming into Offchurch. This has been a matter that we have tried to alleviate on previous occasions, without success. Hunningham is also affected. After discussion, Councillor Sargent agreed to try again, and will contact Chris Fossey.

Councillor Hammon has spoken to Bob Wright about overgrown brambles near the bus shelter at Wappenbury. Mr. Wright maintains that it is Council land.

As there are also large holes in the road near the church, the clerk is asked to arrange a site meeting with Mr. Mannion.


Councillor Phillips attended a Town Hall briefing an the Core Strategy, and will be providing sme printed details. This was further discussed, with Councillor Doody showing maps of the areas for proposed building, along with the numbers of properties.

With public transport being one of the major concerns for new estates, Councillor Doody gave details of the token system, where the service is inadequate. This is for the over 60’s and the disabled.


A notice about historic buildings, received from the District Council is being copied far circulation.

Other leaflets etc. were distributed.


Following the information provided by Mr Ward at our previous meeting, the proposals were discussed at some length.

Whilst it was felt that any response made, should be as a joint parish, and not individually, it was also felt that there were pitfalls in going ahead with a survey. It was therefore agreed that the matter is deferred and further consideration is given in 12 months time.


The Community Forum meeting is next Thursday at Radford, and open to the public. It was agreed that we should be represented at it.

Councillor Crisford reported that he still has the speed gun.

We had written to Sergeant Holtby about the police reports, and Councillor Varnish noted that it is the intention to reinstate the reports in their earlier format.

The mobile police van visited Eathorpe recently, and Councillor Redford suggested that such visits should co-incide with our meetings. He will raise this at the Radford meeting next week.


Received £10 top up of Concurrent Services, which are now a minimum of £1000 per year.

Payments. Chqs 815. £ 40 Room hire. 817. £160 Subs. 818. £170 Mowing. 821. £40.95 EON. 822 £85 Mowing.823 £170 Mowing. 824 £50 Audit. 825 £20 Room Hire. 826 £143 Repairs 827 £72 Hedging. 828 £5.11 Printing. 829 £68 Play Area. 830. £170 Mowing 831£302.50 Clerk 819.£40 Playgrnd Inspn.

13 A.G.B.

Offchurch reported that there was a request at their annual meeting, for floral displays’at the village nameplates. Agreed to put this on the next agenda.

The Village has also been left a small bequest, and wish to install a memorial bench for the village field. Agreed.

Also for next agenda, to review the room hire fee for our meetings.

The Sustrans cycle track at Offchurch were the viaduct is fenced, people would like

to be able to cross. Councillor Sargent will approach Radford Parish Council to see if they would like to join us in moving for this.

Meeting dosed at 9pm. Next meeting 15th September at Offchurch