Parish Council Minutes, 15th September 2009

Eathorpe, Hunningham, Offchurch and Wappenbury

Joint Parish Council

Held at Offchurch 15 September 2009

This meeting was attended by JH DC, RS and DV and this brief report includes the main items of interest to Offchurch.

Prior to the meeting, representatives from the District Council gave a presentation on the Core Strategy Preferred Options report which will eventually become the Local Development Framework for Warwick District covering the years up to 2026.Whilst all aspects of Council activities are included in the report, the presentation mainly focused on the proposed locations for the adopted plan figure of 10,800 new houses. Offchuch is part of the Green Belt and there are no encroachments proposed to the east of Leamington.



090500  Offa House    Shed   Granted


The problems with ‘lost’ HGV’s coming through the village has been discussed with the Council. They are going to approach the operators to review the guidance given to drivers to try and reduce the incidence of this problem.

The possibility of extending the Sustrans Path across the old railway viaduct has been investigated and objections by owners mean that this is not possible.

Police Matters

At the last Rural East Community Forum meeting, it was reported that Police Speed checks would operate occasionally in Offchurch Lane.

Other matters

Floral displays at the Offchurch entry signs were discussed. We need to be able to provide some assurances on how the maintenance will be managed before we can move forward on this. Any offers?

Next meeting 17th November in Eathorpe

Dave Crisford