Warwickshire Community Oil Syndicate – LPG offer

Warwickshire Community Oil Syndicate is delighted to be in a position to offer reduced prices for LPG (liquid petroleum gas) as below:

13kg Butane   – £26.00 inc vat
19kg Propane – £28.00 inc vat
47kg Propane – £58.00 inc vat

Bulk LPG prices can be priced on an individual basis.


– Fixed price to the end of July 2013, offering price stability.

– No minimum order requirements.

– Orders can be placed on a weekly or monthly basis.

– Deliveries take 3-5 working days but can sometimes be sooner if the supplier is within the local area.

– Depots at Coventry and Birmingham cover the whole of Warwickshire.

– The environment benefits too due to reduced vehicle movements around the county.

How to join?

Complete and return a membership form, pay your annual membership fee (£20 per household) and start making savings from your first order.  Orders will be placed each Friday for delivery the following week.  Email oil@wrccrural.org.uk for further information.