Offchurch KnittiGraffiti during Warwickshire Open Studios (18 June to 3 July, 2016)


The craft group have plans to yarn bomb part of Offchurch village this year. This will be during Warwickshire Open Studios (18 June to 3 July, 2016). We are hoping that during these two weeks much of the village field (trees, swings, railings, etc) will be festooned with colour, along with various other little projects.

We hope this will encourage people to stay in the village a while longer when they visit Open Studios in St. Gregory’s church, and we plan to do tea, coffee and cakes in one of the gardens on the three weekends to raise money for Acorns Children’s Hospice and St. Gregory’s Kitchen Fund.

Obviously, the more help we can get, the more we can do!  So we are asking for villagers’ help by knitting and/or crocheting squares and strips.  5” squares are a good size to be sewn together for the swings and railings along with any length of strips, but we also need much larger squares (any size) to decorate the trees.

We need birds, animals, flowers, insects and butterflies (any type, any size).  Also knitted bunting.

Once the exhibition is finished we dont intend to scrap all the hard work and will be washing and re-sewing many of the squares and strips into blankets and scarves to donate to charity

The two things we need to remember are Cheerful and Chunky.  The larger the needles or hook and the thicker the wool, the quicker it will grow.  The brighter the wool, the more it will stand out.

We think it might get quite addictive!  Children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces will hopefully all get involved – finger knitting and pom poms will be needed – and it would be a good opportunity to learn a new skill.  Just think how exciting it will be for them to find their own piece of work once it’s in place!

We hope you will visit us – and enjoy!
Offchurch Craft Group