The Princethorpe Woodlands Living Landscape – 4th June 2015

Cubbington Action Group Against HS2 presents an illustrated evening talk on The Princethorpe Woodlands Living Landscape project by Chris Redstall, Living Landscape Officer of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. Everyone welcome, free admission: Thursday 4 June at Cubbington Village Hall, Broadway, at 7.30pm, after a brief Annual General Meeting and update on HS2.

Public Meeting in Weston RE HS2 – 17th January 2014

Weston Parish Council have asked Jeremy Wright to come to our village and tell us how his government justifies the expenditure of HS2, given the poor economic case for it, the appalling level of damage to our local economy and environment and the complete lack of any benefits for people living between Solihull and London.

We welcome residents from Offchurch at this meeting which is at 6:00pm on Friday, 17th January at the village hall, Sabin Drive, Weston.

HS2 – Opportunity for consultation on the draft Environmental Statement

Dear all,

HS2 Ltd are now opening a consultation on the draft environmental Statement. The finalised Environmental Statement will contain the details about the route of HS2 to go into the Hybrid Bill which will give legal authority to government to build it.  The information which has been produced by HS2 Ltd for the consultation contains information we have not seen before therefore this is an important consultation. If you would like to respond, Offchurch HS2 group have attached some key points which you might put in your response (click the link to download a pdf file outlining suggested key points: DES for website).

You can respond in several ways:

  • Online: Go to and find information and the response form
  • Response form:  Download it from the website above or get it by calling 0300 123 1102
  • Email:  Email your response to
  • Post: to FREEPOST RTEC-AJUT-GGHH, Draft Environmental Statement Consultation, PO Box 70178, London, WC1A 9HS

Responses must be made by 11 July.

Offchurch HS2 Action Group

The price of your property will plummet because of HS2


  • Property prices will plummet due to HS2
  • Houses close to the line are already unsellable
  • Properties further away may lose 30% of their value
  • Most homeowners more than 120m from the line will not even be able to apply for compensation until a year after the line is scheduled to open – 2027!

The public consultation on the government’s proposals for compensation for property owners affected by HS2 is now open until 31 January.

The main document is available here, and you can also see a video explaining the government’s proposals here. For a more critical view, please read the HS2 Action Alliance response here.

The government claims its proposals are generous. We totally disagree.

We hope all local residents will stand together and push for genuinely generous compensation by responding to the consultation and asking for big improvements on what is currently on offer. For advice on how to respond Offchurch and Cubbington HS2 Action Groups are jointly organising a


You can also get more information and express your views at the HS2 Ltd Roadshow in Offchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 15 January, 1-8pm, when we will also be available to offer advice.


You can respond to the consultation:

  • Directly online here
  • By printing off and completing the official response form which can be found here
  • By email to
  • By using the postcards which will be distributed at the public meeting, or given to you at home

Using the official response form

Copies of the government’s proposals and of the response form will also be available at the meetings on 13th and 15th January, as well as advice from your local action groups about how to respond.

Responding by postcard

The prepaid postcards enable you to respond quickly and easily, especially if you are not able to fill in the official form.  The statements on the card represent key responses to each of the seven consultation questions which your action groups recommend you endorse by ticking the ‘yes’ boxes.


Every 18+ individual in a household can respond – but each individual can only respond once – so if you have say 3 people in your household you might like to send in one official form and two postcards.

If possible, wait until after the meetings on 13 and 15 January before responding.  These will give you much more information.  But if you cannot attend either of these meetings, please don’t let that stop you responding.  We cannot guarantee that the government will take notice of us but if we don’t respond we can guarantee they won’t!


If you want to see exactly how the route affects you, the maps for our two parishes can be download as follows:

  •  North of Long Itchington Wood tunnel here
  • Route crossing Fosse Way and Welsh Road here
  • Route passes to north east of Offchurch here
  • Route passes Cubbington and crosses South Cubbington Wood here
  • Route crosses Leicester Lane and Coventry Road here

There is also a document that contains general notes about the safeguarding area marked on the maps that can be downloaded from here

Further Information

Finally, there are five factsheets that may be downloaded from the links below: