Clubs & Societies

Offchurch has many active clubs and societies.  To find out more about any of them click on their name.

The Garden Club

Offchurch Bellringers

Offchurch Woodturners

Churchyard Working Group

Baby and Todler Group

Afternoon Club


Reading Circle

Offchurch Croquet Club

Offchurch Sports Club – Cricket, Netball and Tennis

There are two charities centered on the village, The Aylesford and Haddon Charity is an endowed charity, the income from which is distributed to selected people in the parish. The Rufus’ Friends’ Fund is an active charity that provides support to families¬†in the wider Warwickshire area with difficulties associated with a member with a serious debilitating illness or disability. The supporters of the charity run occasional events to raise money including the occasional stall at Boot Fairs for which the donation of saleable items is always welcome.

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  1. Can you please direct me to RFF website?
    It sounds an excellent idea, and I want to share it with someone who might support it.

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