High Speed 2

The following links go to HS2 Ltd/Government sites, to action groups opposing HS2, and provide the basic information about the route.

High Speed 2 route through Offchurch (link to HS2 map)


Government sites:

HS2 Limited

Department for Transport page on High Speed Rail

A key source for challenges to HS2 is the Action Alliance of local action groups – www.hs2actionalliance.org – contains news, documents and contacts.

An independent critique of HS2 can be viewed at http://www.bluespacethinking.com/ Look at the document on UK Transport Policy – High Speed Rail.

This presentation by the Chilterns Conservation Board has some photos showing what the railway would look like.  Go to http://www.chilternsaonb.org/hs2/ and look at the item dated 17/05/10.

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  1. The link to ‘High Speed 2 route through Offchurch (pdf file)’ no longer works.

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