Offchurch provides a convenient access point on to the national cycleway/footpath network being constructed by Sustrans. A small car park is located at the intersection of the Welsh and Long Itchinton Roads, Map ref. SP 366656. The path in this area has been constructed on the trackbed of the Leamington to Rugby/Daventry Railway line.

Going southwest, it is a short stroll down the Offchurch cutting to the Grand Union canal to join the towpath adjacent to the impressive angled viaduct that carried the railway across the canal. Diagonally across the crossroads is the entrance to the path going northeast to the Fosse Way and beyond.  For dog-walkers, there is a special waste bin just inside the entrance to the southwest path for the disposal of dog waste bags.

This car park is also ideal for exploring the village and the network of footpaths in the area. The direct route into the village and church is southwest along the Long Itchington Road, which has a footpath, and then turn right into Village Street. Though the latter does not have a footpath at this end, it does not carry a lot of traffic. A slightly longer route, but through countryside is to follow the Greenway southwest as far as the overbridge and then follow the access up the bank to join a footpath across a field that emerges on to the Long Itchinton Road opposite Village Street.

To walk to the lower part of the village, the bridge across the Leam and the Stag public house, the direct route of walking down the Welsh Road is not recommended. This road, as it winds down the hill, is very narrow and has banks on either side and no verge. The safer routes are to follow either of the routes into Village Street and then either along the Street and then down School Hill or turn into the marked footpath on the right before entering the Village and thence down across the field to emerge on the Welsh Road at the bottom of the hill section and opposite the Hunningham Road.

We now have a ‘Walks around Offchurch’ booklet, available from St. Gregory’s, the Village Hall and The Stag @ Offchurch, priced at £1.00, which gives step-by-step details of 6 walks around the village, all beginning and ending at St. Gregory’s.

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  1. Hi Jackie, we are tracking down where to get copies and will get back to you. Matt

  2. could I purchase a book of circular walks around Offchurch. I did have a book but have misplaced it

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