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The Offchurch Welcome Pack is available to all new village residents and is delivered to their house. Its intention and general background is explained in the introduction – inside there is information about a wide range of local places, services and organisations that may be useful.

Offchurch is a friendly, active community and it is hoped that newcomers will get involved in village life. Should they choose to do so, they can always be assured of a very warm welcome.

Given that all new folk to the village experience a ‘settling-in process’, they are asked to provide feedback with their views of the pack’s usefulness, plus any other observations they might want to offer. This information can be emailed to ldvarnish@gmail.com or phone 01926 886119.

If you have a new neighbour, do let Liz know.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Pack”

  1. In response to a question about Railway Cottages in 2017. I purchased one of the Railway Bridge Cottages in 2003. Later my lawyer was clearing out old documents due to everything going on line and sent me a package with interesting documents about my house and a parcel of land and buildings from the Offchurch estate. I then visited the Warwick Offices and found they held plans for the building of the several similar blocks of cottages on the Offchurch estate in the 1920’s with government support (I suppose the Homes for Heroes). There are at least four blocks with some variants. Two on the road to Cubbington, New Cottages, Railway Bridge Cottages and Springhill Cottages on the Fosse way.

  2. Hi Lisa – the village hall playground is certainly public and I would recommend subscribing to Offchurch News (try emailing news@offchurch.org.uk) as the best way to keep a handle on the various groups.

  3. Hello there
    We have recently moved to offchurch, we are not new to the area having lived previously in radford Semele but we are interested to know about any community events or groups and any facilities for children such as whether the park area is for public use. Thank you

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