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The councillors from Offchurch are part of the Joint Parish Council alongside those from Eathorpe, Hunningham, Offchurch and  Wappenbury. JPC Meetings are advertised on the Parish Notice Board and are held roughly every two months. They are open meetings and anybody can attend and listen to the issues being discussed.

Minutes of previous meetings

2015: JanuaryMarch

2014: January, March, May, July, OctoberNovember

2013: January, March, May, SeptemberNovember

2012: March, May, July, September, November

2011: January, March, May, July

2010: JanuaryMarch, May, July, September, November

2 thoughts on “Parish Council”

  1. Dear Mark,

    Hunningham is part of the Joint Parish Council, and I believe meetings are advised on all three village noticeboards. The Parish Councillors are:

    Janet Seaton:
    Mark Brooks:
    Stephen Palmer:
    Mike Burgun:
    Alan Winterburn is the JPC Secretary: and his address is:

    61 Telford Avenue
    Leamington Spa
    CV32 7HQ

    I hope this helps,

    Matt (webmaster)

  2. Hi I would like to present and or send a letter to the Hunningham parish councilors in connection with a planning application we intend to submit to tidy up buildings at Elms farm Hunningham. I would also be happy to show the councillors around. I would like to understand if the councillors would also be supportive of our plans

    Could you confirm who the parish councillors are and what address I should send a letter too? Also when is the next parish council and is it possible for me to present what we would like to do in terms of the clean up?

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